Welcome to the life and work of Teri Jones!

This website, I hope, is a bit more than a "Store". I want it to be an extension of my life and travels. There will be a continuing change to the site as I travel and grow. You can follow the changes in the style and subjects of my work, as well as follow my travels on Sea Otter by checking in frequently.  You can be added to our Mailing List to be notified of updates to the Log Of Sea Otter here.


As I share my art and our adventures I invite you to comment on what you read. There will be times when we are on a passage or out of radio contact so, please be patient. Sea Otter isn't alway someplace where I have access to the internet,  there may be a lag in returning your comments. Check out the new page for River's rim Studio, my new adventure in the summer in the mountains of North Carolina