Alcohol Inks are a dye based Inks. Because the solution contains a high amount of alcohol the Inks are very viscous which allows them to spread thinly and evenly on a non-porous surface. We use this quality of the Inks to create colorful paintings. The Inks themselves are also transparent which also creates very luminous colors.

Less is more in Alcohol Inks, the paintings shine when we allow the natural transparency of the Inks to show thru. If we use too much color, the surface ends up looking flat. Mingling colors also works with the Inks. The above painting was done allowing drops of the ink to mingle on the paper, blowing wet Inks with a straw to spread the color and adding drips and drops of alcohol to facilitate the blending process. A gel pen was used a a final flourish to enhance the shapes that had been developed in the painting.